Terence C. Brown,

Reginald L. Brown,
Chief Executive Officer

James “JB” Brown,

ERP Services

  • Implementation
  • Design
  • Customization
  • Change Management
  • Training

IT Services

  • Architecture, Development, Engineering
  • Information Assurance
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Migration & Database
  • IT Assessments
  • Advisory Services
  • Enterprise Mobile Computing
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Data Center Managment & Operations


  • Oracle
  • HP
  • Microsoft
  • IBM
  • Apple

GSA Advantage
GSA Schedule IT 70


Applications Implementation

Some of the most complex and costly projects taken on by government IT organizations involve the implementation of packaged applications such as ERP systems. These systems allow for the better flow of information between all arms of your business both internally and externally. Our experts at Brown Technology Group are fluent in guiding projects of this nature and offer Project Management and Implementation Services that will ensure project completion is both on budget and on time.


Business Intelligence and Analytics

The management of data within an enterprise is only worthwhile if it can be extracted, analyzed, and defined and therefore becoming valuable to the decision making process. At Brown Technology Group, we utilize a number of Business Intelligence (BI) tools to gather data allowing us to present the decision makers of your organization with a clear, constructive view of their business.

Database Management

One of our greatest areas of expertise here at Brown Technology Group is our experience in the architecture and implementation of large database management systems. This expertise extends to building new systems for your organization as well as consolidating and optimizing existing ones.

Data Migration

While possibly the least glamorous of our offerings, Data Migration often has the most direct impact. Whenever data is moved from a legacy system into a packaged ERP application or a custom made one, it is absolutely imperative that this data be cleansed and reconciled with each and every business process and transaction. Brown Technology Group has at its disposal the tools and methodologies to focus on cleaning and migrating data early in the implementation process to ensure that the project time frames and budgets are not compromised. It is important to note that data migration can take place later in the process should the project already be underway.

Enterprise Learning Services

At Brown Technology Group, we have the knowledge base and skill set required to offer both a standardized and customized training curriculum. We specialize in combining aggregate content from leading companies worldwide to assist organizations in the support of technology based education for their employees and subsequently, turning knowledge into productivity.

Information Assurance

We understand the need to secure your organization’s sensitive data in order for it to remain confidential while maintaining the data’s integrity and authenticity. Through employing certified IA security professionals, Brown Technology Group provides a wide range of information assurance services including the development of security policy, performing risk assessments, conducting Certification & Accreditation, performing security audits, and other required security measures. Our skilled team has successfully undertaken Information Assurance projects for the Federal & State Governments, Department of Defense, and Commercial Enterprises.


Value-Added Reselling

We offer competitive discount agreements, superior knowledge, and the efficient business processes necessary to help your organization select and purchase IT assets that will ultimately lower infrastructure costs. Our goal at Brown Technology Group is to become your leading provider of top brand name IT computing hardware, software, implementation and integration services.