Terence C. Brown,

Reginald L. Brown,
Chief Executive Officer

James “JB” Brown,

How We Can Enhance
Your Company’s Growth

We at Brown Technology Group offer unique and unparalleled value to our customers and partners alike. Brown was founded in 2007 by our accomplished leadership team with a mission to change the face of Information Technology. We are a certified minority owned and operated company that prides itself on delivering palatable results with efficiency in order to more rapidly effect your company’s growth. Brown Technology has the solid foundation of partnerships, relationship development, and skilled leadership necessary to truly enhance the way your company handles its IT initiatives.

Over 75 Years’ of Combined
Experience at Work for You

The leadership team at Brown Technology Group brings with it a cross-section of diverse talent and expertise that allows us to derive technology solutions that fit seamlessly into your organization. Our leaders are well versed in a variety of industries and have managed the following verticals worldwide: E-Business, Logistics, I-Procurement Business, Transportation, Education, Public Safety, Finance & Administration, Fleet & Facilities, and Social Services. And while we pride ourselves on wealth of experience our dedication to integrity is what truly sets us apart. To learn more about our leadership team click here."